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Project Details

  • Raw Footage: 24 Scenes, 250 minutes, 9GB
  • Completed Cut: 14 Minutes
  • Additional Elements: Script, score, feedback
  • Features: Festival selection, female director

Tech Specs

  • Compression: 1080p HD, h.264
  • Media Deliver: Instant Download
  • Compatibility: All editing software
  • Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed

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Project Synopsis

In 1936 Hackney, England, George Arkwright, a young man looking for a job stumbles into the world of ballet pointe shoe making redeem his value as the apprentice under the shadow of Mr. David Trainer, a talented but stuffy point shoemaker. George's imagination turns into a reality when he becomes smitten with the Ballerinas the shoes are built for.

The Ballerina, the Shoemaker, and His Apprentice has earned top honors at film festival across the US, Romania, and Switzerland. The film was featured at HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles.

For a short film to have 24 scenes means that there is a lot of reshuffling and removing of scenes possible for the final cut. However, not all the scenes are very long, meaning only a few scenes go past C or D camera setups. There are three hefty scenes early on in the film that will require a lot of work. This project is a terrific practice for editor looking to cut feature films.

Preview Footage

Get an idea of what the un-edited footage looks like, or view all the footage by clicking the preview project button.


The Ballerina, the Shoemaker and his Apprentice

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