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Sell Your Short Film On EditStock!

Earn a monthly commission by selling the dailies of your short film, commercial, documentary, or music video on EditStock.  To have your film reviewed fill out the form below with a link to watch your project. 

What content is the ideal for EditStock?

The ideal film is safe for schools to use, which means it does not include a lot of swearing, violence, or adult themes. EditStock only represents projects with significant, professional, production value. Sound and picture should be recorded professionally. Professional camera work is expected. Ideally films have played in at least one festival. The ideal film has finished the festival circuit but is three years old or less.

EditStock sells raw materials like dailies, production audio, VFX plates, and scripts. The more raw materials you have the better the chances are of making sales.

How much can I expect to earn?

EditStock pays you a 30% commission of the net of each sale. We do not withhold or reduce your total commissions for any reason, including marketing expenses. If we make an offer to distribute your film, we will schedule a call and submit projections based on other films that we sell. We do not guarantee projected commissions, but we do offer honest insight based on our sales history.

Many indie filmmakers who distribute with EditStock earn a profit above their production costs. The bottom line is that if you don't make a commission, we don't receive a cent. Our incentives are inline.

Can students post their re-cuts on the internet?

Yes. Students are encouraged to use this material for their demo reels. We also encourage them to submit for feedback, and occasionally post their work on the EditStock feedback blog. You should only consider contributing to EditStock if you are comfortable with this.

Can Customers Sell My Content?

No. Absolutely not. It is clearly listed in the Terms of Use that purchasers of the sub license are not allowed to sell, redistribute, package, or market footage purchased on EditStock in any way.

Who owns the copyright to my project when I sell my film on EditStock?

You do. When you distribute your film footage with us, you retain the copyright in your work and EditStock acquires a non-exclusive license.  People who purchase from us receive a sub-license. You may ask EditStock to remove your content from our website at anytime and we will in 24-48 hours. However, people who purchased footage while it was in the Edit Shop have a right to keep it.

How do I submit a film for EditStock to review?

Fill out the contact form below and include a link for us to watch your film. We will let you know as soon as possible if we think we can sell the film or not.

Any sales made through EditStock are governed by the EditStock Contributor Agreement.  All end users (customers) must adhere to the EditStock Terms Of Use.

Have a project in mind? Send us a link to watch the final cut.