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About EditStock

EditStock is founded on the principle that creative editing skill can be improved when practice and ambition are combined with access to professional resources like footage and feedback.

We’re committed to providing inspiring, high production value film footage to schools around the world in order to help students learn the art of video editing. Already, colleges like The American Film Institute, Full Sail, and Ravensbourne (UK) are using footage from EditStock in their classrooms. EditStock footage is used in the Avid Learning Partner Program, and the Da Vinci Resolve training series, serving hundreds of schools world wide.

We believe that any individual, regardless of their access to film school, should be able to get practice materials that are as ambitious as their own career dreams. But, practice materials alone do not replace a solid mentor, so EditStock also offers unlimited creative feedback for individuals who are learning to edit outside of a traditional classroom. Our detailed, personalized feedback always comes straight from professional editors.

Each project in EditStock’s library is hand picked to ensure that it teaches valuable lessons and meets our high production value standards. Our library includes official selections from prestigious festivals like The LA Short Film Fest, LA Indie Fest, The Tribeca Film Festival, and even a finalists from Ron Howard’s Long Live Imagination competition. We choose our footage carefully because we know that in order to be inspired to cut, an editor must sit in front of inspiring material. We’re sure that our customers will rise to the professional expectations that great footage demands from them.

Professional editors know that there is no book they can read, tutorial they can watch, or seminar they can attend that will instantly make them great. Editors hone their creative skill through thousand of hours of cutting, getting feedback, and cutting again. We want everyone to make their first cuts with EditStock.

EditStock’s founder, Misha Tenenbaum, has logged over 5,000 hours of union work on TV and film projects including the FX series American Horror Story and the 2013 feature film Jobs. But, like many of our customers, he was once a beginner with professional ambitions. We work to make sure that aspiring editors everywhere can develop themselves into accomplished professionals.