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Get personalized feedback from a professional editor!

Until June 30th feedback for Non-EditStock projects, 10 minutes or less is free. Simply upload your cut here. Send in your demo reels, client projects, short films, and music videos. You'll get the critical professional advice that you need for free.

Common Questions:

  • Feedback takes 24-48 hours.
  • Uploading the sample scene is FREE.
  • If you need to order feedback for $10 you can do it here.
  • All premium products include FREE feedback
  • You may revise your cut and reupload it as many times as you'd like for no additional cost.
  • Suggested upload format specs are the same as you'd use for YouTube.
  • Please add your name in the name of the file.
  • Step 1 / Submit This Form, Then Upload

  • Step 2 / Upload Your Cut

Name your file: If the upload button has a problem please send us the file via and send to the email address

If you have a really cool cut we might ask your permission to show it our Cuts Worth Watching Page.