Practice Film Editing

Get Creative Feedback

We deliver detailed, personalized notes on your work straight from professional editors.

Learn more

Educational licenses include additional footage, lined scripts, and RAW camera footage.

Learn by Doing

Teach editing with dailies from professional films. Students can use our footage on their demo reels.

Paperwork Included

Get professionally lined scripts, storyboards, treatments, and other documents right off the set.

High Resolution Media

Inspire students with beautiful HD images. Raw RED, Arri, and ProRes media are available.

Site License

Educational licenses never expire and apply to any number of students on campus.

What is EditStock?

What people are saying about EditStock

  • “EditStock has the potential not only to be a one of a kind educational resource for aspiring editors, but a platform from which all filmmakers can benefit.”
  • Robert Hardy
  • Writer @
  • “This is an incredible learning tool... The layout of the notes and the note page is great and this whole concept is beyond any expectations that I had.”
  • Jacob Cichy
  • Customer
  • “Every teacher I have talked to who teaches video editing seriously has expressed the need for this kind of thing -- (affordable) high quality uncut footage that includes everything necessary for a variety of possible stories or interpretations.”
  • Ron Clark
  • TV, Video & Film Teacher @ Rocky Mountain High School
  • “The footage is fantastic. The amount of coverage and paperwork included really allow my students to get an understanding of what it takes to work with a large amount of footage for an entire project instead of just one scene.”
  • Cara Friez
  • Assistant Professor @ Point Park University

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