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Downloading EditStock Educational Products

Exporting for EditStock With IMovie

Exporting for EditStock With iMovie

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The ideal format (codec) for EditStock uploads is H.264 at 720p resolution. It is ok to upload them as .mov, .avi., or WMV. The ideal data rate for us is 3,500kbits/sec.

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Every now and then a .zip file will fail to open on a mac. However there is a quick and simple solution to this problem, which is to download a free app called The Unarchiver from the app store. 

1) Download and Install

Start by downloading and installing a free app called The Unarchiver from the App Store.

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Contact Tech Support

If You Need Tech Support Contact Us

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iMovie is installed on tens of millions of computers around the world.  This means that there's no excuse to not start practicing your editing today!

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This contest has ended.  Please see the winning cuts here.


Download the free sample scene here. Then upload your cut for feedback by 11:59PM PST on March, 15, 2014. The top three best edited submissions will win a free download of their choice from EditStock. Single user license only.

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Since the addition of the Mercury Playback Engine, Adobe Premiere has been able to playback H.264 footage without any rendering. What this means is that you can download EditStock products and begin your editing immediately.   

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Media Composer's ability to handle QuickTime movies has come a long way in recent years. Because of a feature called Avid Media Access, which was introduced with Media Composer 5.0, EditStock footage is able to playback quickly and easily.

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  • Clean dialog. 
  • All actor's mics are isolated.
  • Good production SFX. Example, clean footsteps that do not need to be replaced.
  • Everyone is still. Example, actors are sitting.
  • A lot of music, which is mixed very loud. Other sounds are mixed lower.
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