Legs For Days

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    Somber yet empowering, the Legs For Days music video is a break up song that takes place at a cowboy's funeral on a farm in upstate New York. Editors will need to intercut several storylines including a love affair, a funeral, the reveal of the widowed bride, and the choice to make it all a dream or not.  

    This video is shot entirely MOS and is driven by parallel story lines only. There is no performance singing like in Too Fast, Too Close.  No two editors could possibly cut this story the same way.  

    This is the third Side Saddle video directing by X-Factor Film's Lauren Tracy.   

    • Intro Pack: 87 Minutes of Footage (2.6GB Download) 
    • Premium Pack: 175 Minutes of footage (4.1GB Download).
    • Educational License: 196 Minutes of footage (6.8GB Download).
    • Educational License Includes: Muli-User License, All dailies, Behind the Scenes Video
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    We know how difficult it can be to find good, honest feedback from editors with experience, so we’ve designed a feedback process that makes it easy. For an additional $5 get your cut reviewed by a professional editor. You can resubmit your cut for notes as many times as you'd like.

    Feedback is included free with Premium products. Just submit your cut here.


  • Teaching A Class? Try EDU

    The EDU version of Among Us includes:

    • Additional footage.
    • ProRes, DNxHD, and / or RED media. (requires shipping.)
    • Licensing for any number of students on a single campus.
    • Students can use this footage on their demo reels or on youtube.
Legs For Days CrewLegs For Days UnveilLegs For Days Priest

Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Legs For Days

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