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Project Details

  • Raw Footage: 18 Scenes, 19.46GB
  • Completed Cut: 10-12 Minutes
  • Additional Elements: Script, lined script
  • Features: Festival selection, diverse cast

Tech Specs

  • Compression: 1080p HD, h.264
  • Media Delivery: Instant Download
  • Compatibility: All editing software
  • Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed

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About the Movie

Accepted to more than a dozen film festivals, Authentic was awarded a Special Jury Mention at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. 

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A Mexican dishwasher with high aspirations working at a fine dining restaurant in New York City is asked by the chef to find authentic tortillas in his home neighborhood.

Director's Note

The story of Authentic explores "cultural appropriation, authenticity, and contradiction."

"Nicolás, a Mexican immigrant, is a dishwasher at a fine dining restaurant in New York. When his head chef challenges him to find handmade tortillas for a surprise addition to their menu, Nicolás jumps at the opportunity to prove himself, embarking on a journey that ultimately tests the limits of his ambition. Inspired by real events..." - Short of the week.

Authentic is a terrific script with which to learn film editing. The screenplay's main character, Nicolas, aims to become more than who he is. He encounters obstacles along his journey before ultimately succeeding at a quest. These elements are the ABC's of storytelling, told through scenes short enough not to overwhelm a new editor. However, the filmmaking levels challenges at an editor that requires a skilled understanding of editing. For example, you'll need to create montages, removing scenes, and understanding a complicated subtext.

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