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Project Details

  • Raw Footage: 270 Minutes, 9GB
  • Completed Cut: 4-5 Minutes
  • Additional Elements: Transcript, feedback
  • Features: High shooting ratio

Tech Specs

  • Compression: 1080p HD, h.264
  • Media Deliver: Instant Download
  • Compatibility: All editing software
  • Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed

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Project Synopsis

Overview: Just a few miles outside of Batesville, Arkansas, lies Jamestown Crag — a natural paradise for expert rock climber Matt Rodgers. Stillness, silence, and endless challenges lure Matt to Jamestown’s immense boulders, which comprise more than 90 different climbing routes.

There are two main challenges to this project; the interview subject is not great at answering questions (though the shots are great) and that rock climbing by its nature means a lot of failure. Editors will need to piece together shots of the three climbing routes that were filmed (two 80-foot vertices and one immense boulder). Because the footage is taken from various attempts, the editor’s task is to make viewers feel as though they are watching one, two, or three cohesive and continuous climbs.

Preview Footage

Get an idea of what the un-edited footage looks like, or view all the footage by clicking the preview project button.


The Rock Climber

    • Single User Just for you.
    • Single User + Feedback A professional editor will review your work when you’re done.
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    • Color Pack Includes an XML of the final cut, uncolor corrected, plus 4K ProRes clips.
      Might require shipping. Learn more.
    • Multi User For schools and training centers.
      This license covers all students on a single campus.
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    • Multi User + ProRes Higher resolution material, shipped to you on a hard drive.
      Contact us for special arrangements like original camera footage.
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