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How the J-Pops Sticks Popped

Director Ross Ching made an incredible spec commercial for J-Pops (available to cut on EditStock), a fictitious frozen juice snack. But how did he do that?

How Did He Do That?

Ross found a creative way to weave Juice Pop sticks together that when triggered create this fun, fast moving chain reaction. Since the sticks fly at 35MPH, Ross used a Phantom mini, high-speed camera to capture the action at 1000 frames per second!

Here's the behind the scenes video from the shoot

No Money = Plan More, Not Less

"We don't have a lot of money so we're just going to wing it. Shoot the film run and gun." 

Ever hear a filmmaker say that? If you're a filmmaker and you're budget is nonexistent it means you should plan more, not less.

Free Planning Methods Include

  • Drawing storyboards
  • Writing shot lists
  • Rehearsals before shooting with actors
  • Blocking on set with actors


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