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Contributor Kidron Cannon

Kidron Cannon, Contributor of Several Projects

Kidron Cannon started filming while attending Harding University as an under graduate. Inspired by Devin Graham's films, Kidron developed a signature glide-cam shooting style. That look has been features in many of Kidron's action-sports focused films, such as; Matt Rogers: Rock Climber, TN Parkour, and Insane Mountain Biking.

Kidron is a full-time filmmaker. He and his wife Becca run, a media company in Nashville, TN. 

While weddings have become the primary focus, the two produce much more than just that! Kidron also directs for V3Fights, an MMA promotion based out of Memphis, TN. He continues to produce extreme sports and action content for his YouTube channel, Kid Cannon TV.

Both Kidron and Becca take every opportunity to travel overseas to places like Myanmar, and Haiti, where they produce films about people and their culture.

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