• Overview

    Incubate; the delayed messenger app, lets you send messages up to 25 years into the future! Send your child's baby steps to them for their 18th birthday, receive messages from a relative who has passed on, never miss an anniversary. Editing incubate will require learning how to cut parallel action. This means putting together two stories going on at the same time but in different locations.

    Incubate Premium is not a spec commercial. This is a real app, which has a real client.  Some adult language.

    • Intro Pack: 103 Minutes of footage (3.4GB Download).
    • Premium Pack: 136 Minutes of footage (4.6GB Download).
    • Educational License: 158 Minutes of footage (5.7GB Download).
    • Educational License Includes: Multi User License, Lined Script, Pitch Book.
  • Get Feedback

    We know how difficult it can be to find good, honest feedback from editors with experience, so we’ve designed a feedback process that makes it easy. For an additional $5 get your cut reviewed by a professional editor. You can resubmit your cut for notes as many times as you'd like.

    Feedback is included in Premium products. Simply upload your cut here.

    Watch how others have edited this scene.

  • Teaching A Class? Try EDU

    The EDU version of Incubate includes:

    • Licensing for any number of students on a single campus.
    • Lined script.
    • Commercial Pitch Book Included.
    • Optional ProRes, RED, or Avid Media.
     Incubate Footage Example 1Incubate Footage Example 2Incubate Footage Example 3

Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Incubate

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