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Downloading Avid Class Media (Creating Accounts)

The project files and media for ALP courses can be downloaded for free at

In order to download the projects and media you’ll need to sign in with your free EditStock account. If you do not have an account you can easily create one using the steps below. 

Accessing Avid Material: 

1) Find the “Avid” button on Editstock’s main navigation menu, or visit

EditStock Main Navigation

2A) If you need to create an account then locate the “Sign Up” button on the login page and fill out the information on the next page.

Sign In

2B) If you already have an EditStock account, your login might not work on the Avid page. This is because your user account needs to be attached to the school you are affiliated with. In this case please email and we will add the school affiliation.

3) The access code verifies that your school is a certified Avid Learning Partner. The code has been distributed to your school administrators, who will distribute it to their students. If you are a school administrator and do not have your access code, you can request it by emailing

Avid Access Code

4) Once you’ve created an account you will need to click the Avid link from the main navigation a second time. Then accept the End User License Agreement.

Back to Avid Login

Accept Avid EULA

5) Pick which class that you’d like media files for.

Pick class from Avid Collection

6) Your school will only have access to the media files for the classes your school is certified to teach. 

Project files will be a one, two, or three part download. Make sure you’ve downloaded all of the media you need.

7) For any tech support, including difficulty unzipping files, or gaining site access, please contact

8) Schools and students have the option to upgrade any footage which was provided by Upgraded footage includes additional footage for each project, contains no watermark, can be used on student demo reels, and may be taken out of the classroom. 

Upgrade Your Avid Package