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Every now and then a .zip file will fail to open on a mac. However there is a quick and simple solution to this problem, which is to download a free app called The Unarchiver from the app store. 

1) Download and Install

Start by downloading and installing a free app called The Unarchiver from the App Store.

 Unarchiver Icon

2) Why Use the Unarchiver App?

By default, Mac's use a program called the Archive Utility to deal with .zip files.  However, the Archive utility does not deal with every kind of compressed file.  For example a popular format is .rar.  For those files you will need the Unarchiver anyway.  Here's a list of all the file types the Unarchiver can open. 

Unarchiver file extensions

3) Changing Back

However, the Unarchiver forces one additional step in the unzip process, which is to identify a file save location.

The other annoying thing this app might do is to change your default app for opening .zip files.   

If you want to put your good old Archive Utility back into use, simply right click on any .zip file. Chose get info and then switch what app you would like to use to open that file.  You can click change all to make sure that all .zip files will be opened by whatever app you've selected. 

Get info pageChange mac setting

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