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iMovie is installed on tens of millions of computers around the world.  This means that there's no excuse to not start practicing your editing today!


Version 10.0

1) Open iMovie and select "Import Media." EditStock recommends creating a new event for each product. This is only for organizational purposes. You are free to create the events in anyway that suites you. 

Import Media into iMovie

2) Select the files contained in the "Media" folder of your download. 

Select Media Folder

3) If you feel comfortable working with iMovie then you can stop reading and get right to cutting! If you need a little more help then keep going. For easy viewing, we recommend changing the clip size and zoom to just show one image per clip.

Resize clips in iMovie

4) Create a new movie and start cutting.

Create a new movie

That's it! Now get to work! And don't forget to upload your cuts for free feedback. 

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