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  • Single camera.
  • Dialog only.
  • Usually one or two actors.
  • No more than one major problem.
  • Shooting ratio of 5-1 or less.
  • Examples: Two friends talking to each other while sitting on a couch.



  • Often Multicam.
  • Complicated dialog with overlapping lines.
  • Usually more than two people in the scene.
  • No clear plan for scene assembly. More like having general coverage.
  • Shooting ratio of 7-1 or less.
  • Examples: Family dinner around a table. 



  • Montage or action editing.
  • Might involve parallel action or intercutting.
  • Usually many actors.
  • No assembly plan at all.
  • Major problems with footage including lack of coverage in spots, continuity, bad sound, or other technical challenges.
  • Shooting ratio of 10-1 or more.
  • Example: Helicopter crashes into crowded market. Dream sequences.