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Jacob Motz

Jacob Motz, Director of O.T.E

Jacob Motz is the writer and director of the short films O.T.E. He is also the writer of Stranger at the Door, a short film produced as part of Guillermo del Toro’s House of Horrors project and in collaboration with Legendary Pictures and BlackBox TV. Jacob also directs music videos and commercials for indie bands and brands.

As a producer at Portal A in Hollywood, California, Jacob helps create digitally branded content for companies like YouTube, Microsoft, and Relativity Media. His ability not just to direct but also to produce is what sets him apart from other filmmakers. He understands the business side of filmmaking just as much as the art. 

Jacob originally hails from from the Great Lakes State of Michigan. He earned a Bachelor of Art degree from Michigan State, and a Master of Fine Art degree from Florida State, with a concentration in Film Production. Learn more about Jacob on his website.

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