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Evaluating the Edit 3!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Moviola webinar, Evaluating the Edit Take 3! Just a quick recap for those of you who need one: EditStock provided the same footage to everyone who registered for this event. Then people cut that footage and submitted those cuts for feedback.  Dr. Paul Saydor, editing instructor at Chapman University chose six cuts to be evaluated on the air!

Below are the six cuts which were selected in no particular order.

You can purchase footage from our first two takes of Evaluating the Edit as well by clicking here.

*If you cut the scene and would like to either have your video removed please let us know and we will do so immediately. THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

Evaluating the Edit 3: Cut 1

Editor: Tim Knapp

My idea was for the characters (and the viewer) to experience a frenetic "adventure", in which you are unsure of the outcome. There are dual character arcs happening at the same time, with a (***SPOILERALERT***) surprise reversal at the end. I tried to convey the opposite feelings of each "side" through the difference in cuts/pace and actual film speed, as well as colors, etc. I hope that comes through and you enjoy my piece. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Evaluating the Edit 3: Cut 2

Editor: Desmond Connellan

Thanks. I wanted to convey/explore other sensual elements like smell & taste & thought. If had more time I would have less music and more sound effects. Cheers.

Evaluating the Edit 3: Cut 3

Editor: Peter Bispham

Adding sound to the silent footage took most time in making this cut. I tried using music to help create the mood in various places. In the final scene I tried to use looks exchanged between characters to suggest the phone call was a reprieve that was then denied. All sound effects and music public domain or owned by me.

Evaluating the Edit 3: Cut 4

Editor: J.B. Lamont

Since the Video was MOS, I did what I could for editing, sound design, vfx and mixing. I removed the drone shadow in the last shot.

Editor: Dan Warnock

Didn't have time to add sound effects or do proper color correction, but used the music track as a guide to the editing. Hoped to convey an increased sense of danger and tension.

Evaluating the Edit 3: Cut 4

Editor: Mike Steel

My intention with the edit was to create a both exciting and foreboding scene. I want the audience to feel tense and fearful for the fate of the running man. And to feel a sense of connection with the lead female character as she undertakes a ruthless approach to bounty hunting.

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