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Cuts from the project Pool Party.

Pool Party: Cut 1

Editor: Niels Roza 

Partial Notes: The main character is the kid that has acne. He is hosting a small pool party but feels left out as his so called friends are making fun of his acne. He is clearly meant to feel left out of the group, hence the contrasting shots of the others having fun and shots of him alone, playing with a leaf.

The intention of this edit is to emphasise his loss of connection with the group, enhanced by the fact he likes Sara, who also seems to like him back. Ultimately, after the second scene, the audience should feel his frustration for not showing his true feelings to Sara, and the viewer feels as empty and disappointed as he is.

Pool Party: Cut 2

Editor: Johan Oelsen

Partial Notes: I took a chance and tried to create mood as the tone of the scenes, thus attempting to not rely on dialog to tell the story. Hopefully this creates a interesting version of making the viewer feel the underlying conflict in the main character and makes for a more interesting approach to the visual narrative.

Pool Party: Cut 3

Editor: Fiona Aldrich

This clip is two scenes following an estranged teenager cruelly nicknamed "Cheese". This is his awkward and sad encounter with the popular kids from school.

Pool Party: Cut 4

Editor: Eric Coppacross

Pool Party: Cut 5

Editor: Larry Travis

Pool Party: Cut 6

Editor: Trevor Horton

"Cheese" is clearly going through the social stages of many teenage youth. A stage that many of us can relate to. He is trying to "fit in", "be cool", have the beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately with this pressure, he's becomes influenced by the way his "friends" act around girls. When "cheese" is made fun of, instead of "ignoring" or throwing the joke back at them, he throws it at himself in hopes the pretty girl and group would laugh "WITH" him. But unfortunately the girl see's it as a self-deprecating act and is dissapointed. Not learning from his mistake and being too nervous, The same self-deprecation is present when the pretty girl is clearly trying to give him another chance.

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