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Turf War - Cuts Worth Watching

*The Turf War project is no longer available on EditStock. 


Editor: Eric Cory


You know, these kinds of scenes are really tough. I'm thinking about upgrading it to an expert scene. The tricky part is that you have to figure out how to get all the best footage in there with no plan from the set. You mostly did accomplish that with jump cuts and such. That's great! You did a really nice job with it overall. Naturally all the notes are in the montage.

This is the kind of scene that no matter how good you feel about it, after a couple of days you should just take another pass through the montage and see what other great ideas you can come up with.

EDIT: Just one more thing I want to add to this. The editor who cut this final piece is an absolute expert. Rewatch the final cut and notice how he expertly put EVERY piece of good footage into the cut. For montages that should be your goal. Every single piece that is good get it into the montage! Trim it back later. In the montage I mostly feel like you could lose the wide shots.


Editor: Matthew Skibicki


0:14 The music here needs to be driving the action. It needs to be louder, not buried, and it might have to change. I'd need to hear it louder first.

0:15 When I say to cut these shots down by 1/3 I don't want you to interpret that as "making this section shorter." I think there should be twice as many shots in this section.

Official Cut

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