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Evaluating the Edit 1

Evaluating the Edit - Bully, Cuts Which Aired

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Moviola webinar, Evaluating the Edit! Just a quick recap for those of you who need one: EditStock provided the same footage to everyone who registered for this event. Then people cut that footage and submitted those cuts for feedback.  Norman Hollyn, head of the editing track at the University of Southern California chose five cuts to be evaluated on the air!

Below are the five cuts which were selected in no particular order.  If you'd like to watch more of the cuts which were submitted you can see them on our Vimeo page. It's important to note that this was not a contest.  These cuts were not picked because they were "the best" though they are very good. They were picked because they had great educational value. 

I encourage all people who cut the scene to view these cuts.  This is how your horizons as an editor get broadened. Also, you can still submit your cut for feedback if you haven't done so yet.

*We only used the editors initials if their cut was not chosen on the Vimeo page.  If you cut the scene and would like to either have your name added, or your video removed please let us know and we will do so immediately.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  

Editor: Mario Sanders

I want the audience to feel suspense and a little anger. Then I would like them to feed poetic justice was served but for a moment they have no clue how it was.

Editor: Danielle Fox

The boy is your munchkin protagonist, while the businessman is a snark and goof of an antagonist. I aligned the beginning of the cut (boy notices bully spying and runs away) to make the boy appear more vulnerable. This way, his revenge (vicarious revenge?) is all the more redeeming and tickling.

Editor: Brant Wells

Rough Cut for Bully Spec commercial.  Given this is merely a very rough cut, I want the audience to laugh at the absurdness of the man in his quest to crush the kid's spirit.  At the end the audience should feel karma won.

Editor: Bart Walczak

This cut introduces the Bully and shows how nasty he can be. Pretty soon he finds out that there are larger fish in the pond. Somewhat funny, but also a bit mysterious introduction to the movie, as we can only suspect what it was that destroyed the car.

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