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Sell Your Short Film, Commercial, Documentary, or Music Video on EditStock

Hard Drives in Closet

Is your closet filled with hard drives from projects from you completed years ago? If the answer is yes, then you might be missing out on selling that footage on EditStock to filmmakers around the world. 

EditStock provides editors with the raw footage so they can practice their craft. You earn a commission from each sale. Many of our contributors earn back their budgets, or turn profits on their projects. This is an almost unheard accomplishment for a short film, music videos, spec commercial, or short documentary.

The main reasons filmmakers make short films are to tell a story they love, promote themselves as a director, writer, actor, etc., or to sell a feature film based on their short. Does any of this sound familiar?

Selling on EditStock can promote you as a filmmaker with a contributor profile page that links to your website, helping raise your profile. We introduce our contributors to tens of thousands of filmmakers through our newsletter and social channels. We will also help promote your future projects and crowd funding campaigns.

Or if you prefer, we're happy to let you remain anonymous. Some of our filmmakers request that their project’s name be changed so that when a customer posts their cut online it has a different title than the original. We ask our customers to use this "footage provided by EditStock" logo at the end of their cuts.

If your film is at least two years old then you’ve probably had your festival run. You’ve met with distributors. Now you have the opportunity to give back to the filmmaking community by letting thousands of people master their craft, while you earn a commission. Many of our contributors earn back their project’s budget.

If you wished for a service like this while you were in film school then here is your opportunity to help others who follow your path.

If you’re interesting in selling your project on EditStock email with a link to watch your cut at acquisitions@EditStock.com. Still have questions? See our FAQ.

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