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EditStock Partnership With Avid Learning Program (ALP)! 

Editstock has officially launched our Avid Learning Partner, partnership. Approximately 500 schools around the world that teach Media Composer certification classes (known as ALP), and the tens of thousands of students who take those classes every year, will have new, and fantastic footage to practice with in the classroom.

Projects Offered

New classroom projects include Anesthesia, The Rock Climber, TN Parkour, and Unleashed. Below are example of classroom content: 

Online Access

Classroom footage will now be online, so students and teachers can access it anytime, anywhere. ALP schools will need an access code to register. Access codes are distributed when the school because a certified ALP center. Page looks like this product page

Upgraded Content Available

Schools have the option to 'upgrade' their media, providing students with all the dailies (not just the samples), un-watermarked so they can be used in demo reels, along with music and lined scripts where possible. 


If your school is not an ALP that's ok. You can get a lot of these projects a la carte in our Education Shop.

Should your school be interested in joining the ALP program please email We will put you in touch with Avid Education.  

Background on EditStock / Avid Partnership

(By: EditStock CEO - Misha Tenenbaum)

From the day I had the idea for EditStock I knew a partnership with Avid needed to exist.  After college I attended Video Symphony (VS), a school that taught primarily Avid editing classes. My teachers were excellent. They brought in footage from their various gigs for us to enjoy cutting.  My favorite of these instances was when a teacher (one of the best) brought in a roll of work print from The Nutty Professor. There is a moment of awe that students experience the first time they see dailies from a famous, or professional actor in general. Suddenly making movies becomes real. Suddenly it an art. 

But that's where it ends. Students are almost never allowed to take that material out of the classroom - leaving them with a chicken / egg problem when it comes to their demo reels. Even if they could, it would be hard for an employer to believe that a student edited The Nutty Professor. 

After graduating VS and working in the biz for a while I went back to teach. I did exactly what my teachers used to, bring in outside projects, delete the media after class. Until one special day...

I was at LACPUG 'guruing' during stump the gurus, when a marketing manager from Avid asked me if I wanted to show a new feature NAB. It was AMA linking. I wanted to do it two reasons; 1) I love knowing about new buttons in an app first and 2), Avid was willing to provide some financial and technical support for my short film Handicapped John

Handicapped John - Things Go Wrong
After NAB I was left with HCJ, its purpose having been served that short was destined for my closet. Thousands of dollars heading to the closet. It didn't make any sense. That's when I had the idea to sell the film to current students, which naturally ultimately led to selling the film to VS itself. This is basically the genesis of EditStock. 

I knew I wanted to partner with Avid then too, but new course material only comes out every few years. Development of both the app and the curriculum takes time. The world changes, but in printed form books take longer to evolve. Plus, I didn't have the street credit or the projects to get into those books anyway. After all, Media Composer is used to edit almost every major studio movie and network TV show in America. They need something great. 

Since that time EditStock has grown to include some amazing titles like the ones I listed above. If EditStock has had any success in the past, or wishes for any in the future, it's all due to the amazing contributors whose footage I proudly represent. 

I'm proud and blessed to have partnered with Avid and share with students training materials that I hope will help shape them into passionate filmmakers. 

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