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  • These sounds have been recorded by EditStock for use in any EditStock project. However, they were not designed for a particular project.
  • These sounds may not be repackaged, sold, or in any way distributed. Sound effects are the property of EditStock, LLC.
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  • russell panna

    thanks i think this is the best website for up-coming content creators.

  • pav

    Great sound effect thank you, definitely a good selection.

    I would like to mention & add to the list.
    – is good for sound effects
    – – good for sounds, drum kits, and SFX loops

    I am a music producer from London, check out some of my beats just started a new website and will be uploading more beats soon and follow me on Instagram @PAV Beatz

    Thanks :) PAV

  • Misha

    Hi Kamran > You’re not creating new media when you import SFX into Premiere either. What pro editors do is cary around a hard drive filled with thousands of well sorted and organized effects (my drive is 2TB of nothing but SFX). The key to using them is to make them searchable. That can be done by importing them into Premiere, using the finder, or using an app like Soundminer ( NLE’s are robust enough today to important many thousands of SFX. If you’re worried about your Premiere project getting too big you can also create a Premiere SFX project and just cary it with you on the drive. It’ll be a separate project from the one that holds your sequences. Good luck!

  • Kamran

    Hey Editstock!

    I have a question. What is the best way to work with SFX in Premiere Pro software?
    I mean importing all SFX will just increase the size of the project.

    In DaVinci resolve, we’re not importing SFX but linking them to the project using the sound library.

    Can you please tell me what is the professional way to work with SFX in premiere pro?

  • Roberto Ricardo

    Excelente a qualidade do que é produzido pela Editstock e o que é oferecido também.
    Muito obrigado,

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