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Here are the winning cuts of the Kill Cinder Editing Contest

This video shows all the cuts, plus a feedback analysis of each. You can skip to watching the winning cuts with no commentary below. THANK YOU to our judges, Monica Daniel (@Monica_Edits), Adam Bedford (@GoingPOSTalAdam), and Gordon Burkell (@aotgnetwork).

Watch All the Finalists, Plus Feedback Analysis

1st Place Cut: By Emily Killick

2st Place Cut: By Adrian Ryan

3rd Place Cut: By Jamison Forkenbrock

Honorable Mention: By Gary Daniel

Honorable Mention: By Kyle Mietlowski


  • Emily K

    Thanks Gary – congrats on your cut of Stranger at the Door too, it was awesome! Fun competition and lessons learnt all round I think.

  • Jamison Forkenbrock

    Thanks for spending the time making the feedback video! Great to see how everyone took this in different creative directions.

  • Gary M. Daniels

    Shout-outs to all of the participants of the Kill Cinder project! Special Congrats to Emily Killick for a piece well cut. I personally enjoyed something in all of the cuts and absorbed a technique or two. Keep cuttin’ like a Razor! By the way, there was no plan for my “Cinder” to ever reach the party….she had an early dismissal. AAAHH ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa (Vincent Price laugh)

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