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My Demo Reel From High School In 1999 Ruled!

Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation titled "From High School to Hollywood" at the Student Television Network's annual conference in San Diego. As part of the presentation I needed to digitize some SVHS tapes I had from back in the day, needless to say it's been A LOT of fun looking back through those projects. 

My favorite uncovered treasure is the tape I used as my demo reel to get into college (1999 I think).  This video is fantastic. I interviewed myself as if it was Inside the Actor's studio and showed roll in clips of all my projects. I love how series I was talking about "visual effects" which were basically the strobe filter, and split screens. Teachers - when your kids are experimenting let them experiment!

If you've got an old demo reel you'd like to share on this blog, please upload it here! No charge of course.

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