Team EditStock's Winning Cut at the first annual LA Post Fest

Team EditStock Wins Best Editing and Best Film

We did it! Team EditStock won the first annual LA Post Fest competition. Specifically we won Best Editing and Best Film. I couldn't have asked for two better awards.

EditStock has participated in lots of contests before (like Kill Cinder), but we were always either the hosts of the event or judges.

A few months ago I sent out an email in the EditStock newsletter (sign up on our landing page and get a free sample scene) asking for volunteers. EditStock would pay the entry fee, and if we won, split up the prizes. 

To my great pleasure and surprise, ten people from five countries joined the team! Emily Killick (Australia), Nabil Alami (Israel), Surendar Kumar (India), Paulo Barrelas (Peru) and  KT Kent, Fernando Fonseca, Mary Ross, Gary Daniels, and James Lamont from the USA.

We picked for prizes by drawing straws - and yes, I mailed the grand prize to India!

Team EditStock - Best Film and Best Editing

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 Prize to India 

The prize that traveled around the world. 

Surendar's award

I'd like to present to you our winning cut. 

I even got to hold up this fancy glass award and give a speech at the festival.

Misha Tenenbaum LAPF

A picture of me with some of the other contest winners. I'm still waiting on the team EditStock photo. I'll update this as soon as I get it. 

Other Winners

From right left to right - Daniel Cota (best VFX), Wendy and Woody Woodall (creators of LAPF) and Aaron Phares (best sound). 

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