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Use on your demo reel

Can I use EditStock footage on my demo reel? Yes - in fact, you should!

This aspect of EditStock's license agreement with its contributors is one of the proudest contributions that my business has made to editors at all stages of their careers.  The first and most obvious place it has had an impact is for new editors. EditStock is solving the age old chicken and egg problem of needing a reel to get a job and needing a job to make a demo reel.  Furthermore we're putting new editors demo reel's years ahead of where they would be if they only had access to projects from film students, or from free jobs found on Craig's list.

Inevitably, intermixed with the overwhelmingly positive experiences of our users, we get rude comments like this one from the peanut gallery, "You're allowed to use this stuff in your edit showreel, so you can pretend you've worked on cool s[tuff] when you haven't." 

To that I say - editors are not painters. We can't start with a white canvas. Using EditStock footage on your reel shows what you can do as an editor. Every thought that goes into making the your cut is as real a display of your skill as it would be if you were hired to have done it.

At many points in an editor's careers having footage to demonstrate your skills is valuable: Would we make the same comment about an AE who edited scenes from a show they worked on to put on their reel even though they weren't the editor of the episode? I hope not, because this scenario describes every AE who has ever tried to move up, including myself. What about a reality editor looking to cut scripted, or a scripted comedy editor looking to cut scripted drama? Rude comments like the one above discount any skill that the editor put into the scene they cut, as if all you needed to do was get on a cool project and then the actual cutting would be easy. That idea is bogus. 

What about asking EditStock for feedback. Is that cheating? Again, no - and again, you should. Everyone should ask their peers to evaluate their work, and everyone should learn and make adjustments based on the feedback of others. Editors do not work in a vacuum. They get feedback from directors, producers, other editors, actors, heck the whole world wants to give them feedback. Why not ask EditStock for feedback? We even review demo reels that don't contain our footage.  

EditStock's footage use rules are; you can't get credit on the film including on IMDB, you can't sell the film, and you can't submit the film to festivals - but you are more than welcome to post your work on your reel. We are very proud of that.


Misha Tenenbaum

CEO - EditStock

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