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Maan B, Producer of Several Projects

Maan B., Producer of Several Projects

Known among his friends and colleagues simply as "The Producer", Maan came to the US from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2010 pursuing a college degree in filmmaking. His passion for film emerged from his dream of showing the world the positive face of Islam and the Middle East. He created Prince of Arabia Entertainment, LLC in an effort to aid student and independent filmmakers produce high quality media, following industry standards and providing resources to make any idea come to life.

Maan's college education includes UCLA, Cal State Northridge and The New York Film Academy. In 2014, three films produced by Maan entered the film festival circuit including Bar Sinister and Pumpkin Princess, while he's continuously been producing, line producing and/or managing productions that range from short films and commercials to web series, music videos and features.

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