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Too Fast, Too Close - Cuts Worth Watching

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Editor: Chuck Arnett


This cut is after three rounds of notes with Chuck. Here was the conclusion after RD1:

There is nothing really "wrong" with this cut. It's actually pretty darn good for a first pass.

If you want to continue working on it I would say that taking a second pass would allow you to focus more on creativity with the VFX. There were moments of great VFX (all the sliding of instruments towards the end) and moments of blah vfx (just a square super impose).

Some times I find that since we're so focused in the first pass on getting all the instruments to be in sync and figuring out which instrument we should be on, that allowing ourselves a second pass to JUST focus on the VFX will yield lots of new creativity. No one gets it perfect on the first pass. I recommend spending one more day on it and really taking it from good to great. Push yourself. And when it's done send it in.

Official Cut

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