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Too Fast, Too Close


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    Fun, loud, rock and roll! Kick back with The Lexingtons and their hit Too Fast, Too Close.  This song is bursting with style as the band plays licks with shades of The White Stripes. Start with this footage as quick classroom exercise then sit back as your students keep working, on their own initiative, all night long. 

    • 149 Minutes of footage.
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  • For Schools

    Too Fast, Too Close EDU is all about motion effects; resizes, rotation, position, opacity and superimposes.  Some of this footage was shot sideways! This video is 100% music performance. No two students will cut this video the same way.

    The final version of this piece was colored in black and white and used matte shapes and vignettes to position band members in various portions of the screen.

Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Too Fast, Too Close

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