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Upload Format For EditStock Feedback:

Please note: Feedback for the free sample scene is FREE. There is no need to purchase anything. If you need to purchase Feedback please do so here

1) The ideal format (codec) for EditStock uploads is H.264 at 720p resolution. It is ok to upload them as .mov, .avi., or WMV. The ideal data rate for us is 3,500kbits/sec.

2) It is ok to upload pretty much any file that Youtube or Vimeo will accept. If you're using a compression engine which allows you to pick a preset, you should pick Youtube or Vimeo settings.  

3) For the free sample your files size can be as small as 10MB or as large as a couple hundred MB. If your file is measured in GB's it's probably too large and should be double checked. 

4) The format of the unedited footage is 720P HD in H.264 codec. That means exporting "same as source" is ideal. Our exports of the final project tend to be 50MB in size. 

5) These are the QuickTime export settings. 

Quicktime settings for EditStock Upload

6) These are the export settings in Compressor.

Compressor Settings for EditStock upload

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