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Project Details

  • Raw Footage: 5 Scenes, 4.4GB
  • Completed Cut: 5 Minutes
  • Additional Elements: Script
  • Features: Festival selection

Tech Specs

  • Compression: 1080p HD, h.264
  • Media Deliver: Instant Download
  • Compatability: All editing software
  • Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed

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Project Synopsis

Soup Spoon is a scene from the film One Week Vacation, directed by Brendan Thain Jones. The Soup Spoon scene takes place in a department store as the main character seeks a replacement for his favorite eating utensil.

Official selection of the LA Indie Film Festival, the Soup Spoon project is perfect to practice editing a scene for the first time. These scene includes basic coverage, and some awkward moments, similar to a Wes Anderson film. Plus you'll practice editing flashbacks, a commonly needed editing theme.

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Soup Spoon

    • Single User Just for you.
    • Single User + Feedback A professional editor will review your work when you’re done.
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    • Color Pack Includes an XML of the final cut, uncolor corrected, plus 4K ProRes clips.
      Might require shipping. Learn more.
    • Multi User For schools and training centers.
      This license covers all students on a single campus.
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    • Multi User + ProRes Higher resolution material, shipped to you on a hard drive.
      Contact us for special arrangements like original camera footage.
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