Rugby Song

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    From the the web series Rugger Nation - A group of college ruggers have to form their own team when the athletics department pulls their funding.

    In this scene the players blow off a little steam at the bar by singing a traditional Rugby song called "Days of the Week." This song is truly rude and offensive! Sensitive viewers be warned.

    The editing of this footage is as tough as the players. This scene is actually comprised of three scenes which need to be intercut. While the players are sing inside the bar, the star player Sean is fighting with his girlfriend outside.

    We recommend editing the entire rugby song and the conversation outside as complete and individual scenes before intercutting them. This way when the director changes their mind about which points to go back and forth you'll be ready to put the pieces back together.

    • 70 minutes of footage (2.8GB download).
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Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

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