Handicapped John EDU

  • Overview: John had just about perfected his daily office routine, when new management joined his company Shallow Pals and start motivating people. The laughs keep coming through out this office comedy.

    Directed by Lee Cipolla of Field Light Films. Creator of Rugger Nation.  

    Class Suggestions: Handicapped John is a relatively simple film to edit. There are a lot of scenes with classic wide shot and close up coverage. There is one slightly more difficult scene with several people sitting around a table and a flash back. This is a perfect project for students who are assembling their first short film.

    • Intermediate Difficulty
  • Technical Specs:

    • Download a sample clip.
    • 250 Minutes of footage (Download is 2.8GB).
    • Behind the scenes photos.
    • Optional ProRes, XDCam, 7D, and Avid media available (requires shipping)
    • License for any number of students on a campus.
    • Students can use on their demo reels.
  • Rated PG13

    There is no scripted profanity in Handicapped John, though there is a small amount of out-take profanity. Many of the jokes involve bathroom humor. Alcohol is mentioned several times as well. We believe Handicapped John is appropriate for all colleges, and more liberal high schools.

    EditStock's ratings are based guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system. These ratings are issued by EditStock, and NOT the MPAA.

Handicapped John Footage 1Handicapped John Footage Example 2Handicapped John Footage Example 3

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Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Handicapped John EDU

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