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Bingo Night EDU

  • Overview: Bingo Night! Is the story of Ethel, an elderly woman facing the threat of eviction from her retirement community, after her son loses his job. Rather than accept life in a discount nursing home, she recruits her friends Vivian and Ruth for the "Heist of the century". Their target: the local bingo hall.

    Class Suggestions: Bingo Night is comprised of a lot of short scenes, making it ideal for splitting up as a shared class assignment. There is also one long segment from scenes 10-20 that we call "Heist." The heist is an excellent editing project for students because it teaches parallel editing - as in inter-cutting multiple storylines.

    • Intermediate - Expert Difficulty
    • Educational License Includes

      • Download a free sample clip
      • All scenes and footage for the full film Bingo Night. 
      • 319 Minutes of footage.
      • Composer Music included.
      • RAW RED, ProRes or Avid media footage available (requires shipping).
    • Rated R

      Bingo Night was given an R rating by EditStock only because of some language including a few scripted f-bombs. We believe that this film is appropriate for all college audiences and some more liberal high schools.

      EditStock's ratings are based on the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system. These ratings are issued by EditStock, and NOT the MPAA.

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