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Anesthesia EDU

  • Overview: In the candy-colored world of 1950’s suburbia, a reluctant housewife suspects that the friendly neighborhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret... but is it just the anesthesia, or is something more sinister hiding just below the surface?

    Class Suggestions: This is some of the best footage we've ever had on EditStock, but it can be a challenge to cut. There are a lot of scenes with three characters in the room, a lot of camera angles and takes to pick from, along with a lot of SFX and some VFX work that needs to be done. This project is tough but satisfying for students who want a challenge.

    • Intermediate - Expert Difficulty
    • Educational License Includes

    • Rated PG13

      Anesthesia was given an PG13 rating by EditStock because the movie is slightly scary. We believe that this film is appropriate for all high school and college audiences.

      EditStock's ratings are based on the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system. These ratings are issued by EditStock, and NOT the MPAA.

    Looking at TeethTooth X-RayDoctors By Anesthesia

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    Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

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