Teaching Editing

Before a student learns a subject, they should love it.

Inspire your students by providing them with real world, professional footage to practice with. The experience of editing our material is engaging, unique, and memorable.

One of EditStock's core beliefs is that editing video is a new form of literacy. Editing is a skill that will be required of all people in all arenas of work in the years and decades to come.

Educational License

Our educational license doesn't limit you to a certain number of computers and doesn't require a yearly subscription. The EDU license covers an entire campus!

Your students will have the right to use this footage on their demo reels and personal websites. Students are even permitted to take footage out of the classroom. 

In many instances your student will want to continue working after school or at home. One student told us, "this is literally what I would do on a weekend." Each download contains enough material that students who are ahead of their peers in grasping concepts will have plenty to work with while others catch up. 

Career in Editing

Students often consider careers in the arts because they feel passionately about creating films and want to enjoy their career work. A student who enjoys their work should be encouraged!

EditStock strongly supports the Arts. We are members of Broadcast Educators Association (BEA), University Film & Video Association (UFVA), and the Student Television Network (STN). We support dozens of editing workshops, user groups, and tutorial makers as well. Every year we touch the lives of thousands of aspiring filmmakers. 

EditStock content is a quick way of exposing students to multiple genres quickly. We currently offer films, and commercials. Music videos, news, documentary, and sports will be joining our store as well. 

Class Assignments

We recommend the following class activities:

  • Screen each person's work to the class and give feedback out loud. Students learn by seeing what their peers have made.
  • Have each student cut their scene and at the end of class show the "official version" of the scene, which is included in your download.
  • Recut the scene and remove a particular line of dialog, or string of thoughts.
  • Read the script together, talk about the focus of the scene, and then edit it.
  • Play director! Sit next to the student and give them notes. They must do the notes while you watch. This teaches software speed and attention to detail.
  • Each student edits one scene from a full short film and at the end of class the scenes are assembled together.