Summer School V4

Class Description

The goal of the EditStock summer school class is to guide you through the experience of editing several projects, from a variety of genres, while getting feedback from a professional editor on how best to cut the scene. Below is the layout of what the expect.


In Summer School you'll edit three projects over the course of 5 weeks. The course layout will be as followed: 

Week 1: Served Cold

  • Basics of editing scripted narrative.
  • Editor's cut vs director's cut vs producer's cut.

Week 2-3: Edit Bingo Night - Comedy Short Film


Bingo Night

You'll edit the entire film Bingo Night! This gives you access to footage currently only available to schools.

Bingo Night Heist is the story of Ethel, an elderly woman facing the threat of eviction from her retirement community. Rather than accept life in a discount nursing home, she recruits her friends Vivian and Ruth for the "Heist of the century". Their target: the local bingo hall.

  • How to do thing 1.
  • How to do thing 2.
  • How to do thing 3. 

Week 4-5: Edit Born on the Island - Documentary

Born on the Island

Edit the educational version of Born on the Island. 

When Hurricane Ike struck the Gulf Coast in 2008, it hit Galveston, Texas the hardest. Eight years later, residents are still rebuilding what they lost to the impacts of climate change. This is a story of disaster, faith, and equality in the face of challenge. 


  • How to do thing 1.
  • How to do thing 2.
  • How to do thing 3.

The fifth week will end with a free bonus project for you to edit on your own. 

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Pool Party - You get one week to edit this. 

You'll get one week to cut 


Why sign up: 

Setting a goal + accountability = success. The problem for many of us is the accountability component. That's one of the main reasons we've created the Summer School program.