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Unleashed EDU

  • Overview: With more than 275,000 views on Youtube, Nat Ho's Unleashed is one of the most popular videos EditStock has ever brought you, and it's easy to see why. Nat Ho's sci-fi / futuristic take on concert going includes stunning visual effects, in camera swing and tilt lens effects, and an electric song. Find more of Nat Ho's music on iTunes.

    Class Suggestions: Break out those VFX plugin packages from VideoCopilot, Rampant Design Tools, and Gen-Arts because this video's effects are intense! We only recommend this project for more advanced students. They will need to edit mountains of green screen shots, comp in a robotic arm, and add lens flairs on everything that moves.

    • Expert Difficulty
  • Technical Specs:

    • Download a sample clip.
    • 245 Minutes of footage.
    • Storyboards and director's breakdown included.
    • Optional ProRes, DNxHD, and 5K RED media. (requires upgrade or shipping).
    • Licensing for any number of students on a single campus.
    • Students can use this footage on their demo reels or on youtube.
  • Rated PG13

    Unleashed by Nat Ho contains no adult themes or cursing. We believe that this film is appropriate for all college age audiences, and most high schools.

    EditStock's ratings are based on the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system. These ratings are issued by EditStock, and NOT the MPAA.

Unleashed Footage Example 1Unleashed Footage Example 2Unleashed Footage Example 3

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Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Unleashed EDU

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