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Handicapped John - Things Go Wrong EDU


  • Overview: This excerpt is from the short film, "Handicapped John," which is an office comedy about an unfortunate incident in the men's bathroom. 

    This scene takes place after John (Jacob Motsinger) knocks over his handicapped boss in the bathroom stall. He is trying to explain himself to his co-worker Levi. You can watch the edited scene below if you are curious how it was put together in its film festival version.

    Class Suggestions: This is a perfect scene to introduce scripted editing to students.  Start with the lined script and show your students the basics including shooting with a master wide shot and two close ups.  However your students will not be limited to just one mechanical take per angle.  This footage includes a variety of takes and performance choices so you can show your class what an editor really does. The full short film's dailies are also available on EditStock. 

    • Beginner Difficulty
  • Technical Specs:

    • Download Sample Clip
    • More footage, lined script, site license.
    • Contains four scenes 20, 21, 21A, 22.
    • 30 Minutes of footage.
  • Rated PG13

    There is no scripted profanity in Handicapped John, though there is a small amount of out-take profanity. Many of the jokes involve bathroom humor. Alcohol is mentioned several times as well. We believe Handicapped John is appropriate for all colleges, and more liberal high schools.

    EditStock's ratings are based guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system.

Things Go Wrong Footage Example 1Things Go Wrong Footage Example 1Things Go Wrong Footage Example 1

Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Handicapped John - Things Go Wrong EDU

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