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  • Clean dialog. 
  • All actor's mics are isolated.
  • Good production SFX. Example, clean footsteps that do not need to be replaced.
  • Everyone is still. Example, actors are sitting.
  • A lot of music, which is mixed very loud. Other sounds are mixed lower.



  • Dialog is clean but needs some EQ and matching work.
  • Backgrounds are noisy but do not step on lines of dialog. 
  • Some basic sound design is necessary. 
  • Some movements which need foley are visible on screen. 
  • Composed music might need to be mixed in.



  • Dialog is distorted. 
  • Dialog is too quiet and too close to the background.
  • Noisy backgrounds. Examples are lawnmowers, airplanes, or traffic.
  • Probably needs ADR. 
  • Complex sound design. Creating sounds such as werewolf, dragons, or other supernatural elements.