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Files downloaded from EditStock are compressed in the H264 codec. You'll need to convert this to ProRes using compressor. This article explains how to do that. If you need help, please contact us by emailing:


1) Open the Compressor application.

Compressor Application

2) From the product that you purchased on EditStock, drag the clips in the "media" folder into compressor. Use the search bar to find the ProRes Proxy codec. Then click and drag that setting onto your clip.

ProRes settings in compressor

3) Set the place where you'd like the newly created files to be saved by right clicking on the word "source." Then chose "other." Finally, create chose where you'd like to save the new files. 

Compressor set destination

4) Submit the job for processing. 

Hit submit button twice.

Now you're ready to import these clips into FCP7.

5) Open Final Cut Pro 7 and create a new project by selecting File > Save Project As.

6) Import the newly created, prores "Media" folder. Select File > Import > Folder. You can also choose to import the files individually by choosing Import > Files.  

FCP7 TECH ImportFCP7 TECH Pick Media Folder

7) Grab any clip and drag it into your viewer. Hit the red overwrite button. 

FCP 7 TECH Overwrite

8) Final Cut Pro 7 will ask you if you want to match your sequence settings to the clip settings.  Say "yes" to this. 

FCP7 TECH Conform Sequence

And that's it! You are ready to edit! No rendering needed. Don't forget to submit your cut for free feedback.