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Mixed Fighting Trailer - Cuts Worth Watching

*The Mixed Fighting Trailer project is no longer available on EditStock. 


Editor: Kevin Cheung

PARTIAL NOTES: Watch official version. 

Hi Kevin, I liked your cut a lot so I forwarded it to the director of this piece. Here's what he had to say:

(Director Lee Cipolla) Wow..this is really well done! Definitely some things in there that I didn't use in my cut, that I wished I would have! -- The buildup between the two fighters worked pretty well. Liked the training shots you used and the VO's as they "dissed" eachother. Think you used the best pieces. Though, I think it's a little heavy on the tatooed fighter. I think the guy with the dreads could use one or two more "training" shots. --- Think it could use a different music cue for the midsection, felt it was a little too passive. Something more up tempo could really bring out more tension the in the rivalry buildup. --- The font is okay, but don't think it needs to zoom in to the words. Other than that, I really think it did kick butt. You made great decisions and used all the money shots. You were able to make the fight stuff in the cage look bigger than it was. I felt like I was in a fight venue. Great job there. In many ways, I think this was more effective than the initial trailer that was edited!

(back to Misha) Editstock tries to be a unique, and awesome site which gives everyone the ability to get high quality footage and relevant notes. I hope you enjoyed your experience.


Editor: Marvin Walden

PARTIAL NOTES: Watch official version. 


Just curious why you used this part of the shot. I would use this same shot but choose the portion which is when the hammers start coming down. I always ask myself, "is this the best portion of this shot?"


Maybe we could hear some impact here on the bag.


Cool shot. I might use the slow left but then super speed up until the tire falls on the other side. Or if you cut away then cut back to the tire falling. Something about not seeing the tire fall makes me feel like this shot is incomplete.


No need for this dissolve I think.


I would lose this shot too. Really try only using shots where he is doing hard activities. Maybe this could be the second half of the tire falling.

Official Cut

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