Sample Contest Winners!

The three cuts are in no particular order. Read contest rules here.

Corey Estimbo

"I decided to tackle the challenge of trimming the scene to under 1:15 by cutting lines of dialogue. Since the sample didn't come with a lot of footage of the ending dialogue, those are the lines I cut. I also flipped a portion of the footage to insert a close-up panicking shot of John (if you look real close at the opening you'll see the watermark). Even though it can seem like a little too much cutting, I have a terribly short attention span and I felt the less time spent waiting for dialogue/humor the better. "

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Monika Radwanska

Monika Radwanska

My friends and I decided to edit free sample footage from EditStock, as our weekly editing challenge. I found the footage to be very professional and nicely shoot. It was a very good exercise, as it taught us not only how to edit a dialogue scene, but also how to approach dialogue scene in a comedy genre. I would defiantly recommended using EditStock footage to every editing student. 

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Ron Matchett

Ron Matchett

"For those of us who do in-house editing for a small company, it's nice to get feedback from a fellow editor who's had much more experience than myself.

The scene by scene notes I received from Misha were really helpful and it made me realize how valuable it is to get this kind of constructive criticism."




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