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We're happy to be fulfilling one of our most requested features - content ratings for our educational projects.

We've added a new tab to every educational product that lists the rating of the project and the reason we've given it. 

EditStock Rating System


We've also added a menu option so that teachers can sort by rating. 

EditStock Rating System Menu

EditStock is following guidelines created by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), however EditStock projects are not actually reviewed by the MPAA. These rating are our own.

The ratings are based on two main components; language and story themes.

G rating means: No scripted or out-take profanity. There are no references to adult themes like violence, sex, or alcohol. We consider this material acceptable for all audiences. 

PG13 rating means: No scripted profanity, but some profanity may exist in the out-takes by cast and crew. The project makes light references to adult themes like underage drinking or sex. We consider this material acceptable for all college age audiences, and some more liberal high schools. 

R rating means: There is scripted profanity, and out-take profanity. There are likely adult themes or references including to sex and drugs. We recommend these projects to mature audiences.

What we've learned from combing through all the footage in our library is that it most projects do contain some profanity in the out-takes from the crew and actors, even when the content is for kids. We don't think that's inappropriate. That's just how people talk.   

If you're a teacher, we'd love to hear your comments. 

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