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I'm here to brag about all the new design features that EditStock has recently added to our website! The first thing you'll notice our landing page - lush with pictures, and descriptions of our services. 

EditStock Landing Page

Next, more pictures on each product page, both in the sidebar and larger images below, to give you a better look at the footage inside each download. 

EditStock Scene Cards

Pictures help pick a product, but search will help you find a product. We've enhanced our search function to look a lot more like spot light on the mac, and to dig deeper into EditStock's growing library.

EditStock Search function 

We've also added customer testimonials from schools, teachers, and blog writers around the country. We know EditStock is awesome, but don't just take our word for it, take theirs. 

EditStock Testimonials

Finally, EditStock supports many of the organizations that you belong to. We care about the editing community. I for one (Misha here), am a member of the Local 700 Editor's Guild, regularly attend editing groups like LACPUG, and attend NAB. No industry can survive without a vital infrastructure of nurturing organizations - and we're proud to support them! 

EditStock supports


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