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Picture Your Book

Books Need Trailers Too

Writer, editor, and entrepreneur Gael Chandler knows that books, just like movies, need trailers too. She's the creator of Picture Your Book, a company that "create(s) enjoyable, effective, reasonably priced trailers that help authors promote their books."

The idea is to promote already written books with video trailers to grow aweness of the book's content, and create some presence online.  If you've never seen a book trailer (which we hadn't) we recommend watching this one for a book "The Chronicles of Old San Francisco." This was created by Picture Your Book.

Gael is the author of a great film editing book called Cut by Cut, in which she explains the artistic decision making process that goes on in the cutting room. I read that book when I was an editing student at Video Symphony (Here's the proof! And yes, that's Ron Swanson).


Here's the trailer to her book Cut by Cut. I love her tag line to this, "Machines don’t make edits. Editors make edits."

For those of you looking into learning to editing film, or movies trailers, this might be a new career choice to explore. When I moved to Los Angles I was given a tour of an amazing post production facility called "Lazor Pacific." During the tour they asked me if I was more interested in "on-line" or "off line" editing. Knowing nothing I said "both" because I thought that my tour guide was talking about the internet.  When we start walking down a career path we assume we we know where we're going/ However, the farther we get down the path the more forks in the road we see, some of which didn't exist when we started walking.

My father is penning his 9th history book as we speak! I know, I'm impressed too. Now thanks to Picture Your Book I know what he's getting for Christmas.

In the meantime, if you want to practice your film trailer editing, I recommend checking out the Mixed Fighting Trailer footage, which is only offered on EditStock.

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