Yolanda Ghosts

  • Overview

    While mourning over the mysterious and untimely death of his young wife, Jacques is haunted by her ghost who reveals a devastating secret about their relationship.

    Yolanda Ghosts was shot on a professional green screen stage. You'll use ProRes VFX plates to create the ghosts you see in the video below. This is advanced stuff people! You'll need to first edit the scene using just the plates as a rough draft, and then once you've locked the cut really work those visual effects to perfection. Because these plates are in ProRes we will need to manually email you a link to download part 2 of these plates. That will take up to an hour. 

    • Contains scene 18 of Yolanda.
    • 52 Minutes of footage (2 x 4GB Download).
    • Feedback Included.
    • Green Screen Plates.
    • Music Included.
  • Get Feedback

    Feedback is included in Premium products. Simply upload your cut here.

  • Teaching A Class? Try EDU

    The EDU version of Yolanda Ghosts includes:

    • Additional scenes of footage and green screen plates.
    • Lined script and storyboards.
    • Licensing for any number of students on a single campus.
    • Optional ProRes, RED, or Avid Media.
     Flowing Female GhostWide of Civil War GhostClose up of zombie ghost

Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Yolanda Ghosts

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