Yolanda EDU

  • Overview

    While mourning over the mysterious and untimely death of his young wife, Jacques is haunted by her ghost who reveals a devastating secret about their relationship.

    Educational Value

    You're students will love editing a film shot in the style of American Gothic art. Classically shot, Yolanda features top notch professional crew work. This is one of EditStock's best produced films. The crew shot on stedicam, with multiple locations, and on a professional caliber green screen stage.

    • Download Sample Clip.
    • 228 minutes of footage (7GB Download in two parts).
    • Lined script and storyboards included.
    • Behind the scenes photos included.
    • Option for ProRes or Avid media (requires shipping).
    • Licensing for any number of students on any single campus.
    • Students can use this footage on their demo reels or on youtube.
  • Rated PG13

    Yolanda was given a PG13 rating by EditStock because there is some profanity in out-take material, and there is a gun in one of the scenes. We believe that this film is appropriate for all colleges, and most high schools.

    EditStock's ratings are based on the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system.

Master Hero ImageYolanda SickYolanda Ghost

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Spoiler Alert - This is a Final Cut!

Screen Shots from Yolanda EDU

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